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Politics Nov 30

Tough Votes on the Fiscal Cliff Loom for Congress

Congressional Leaders Meet With President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Photo by Reuters/ Larry Downing.) Fall creeps towards winter in Washington and the chill is reaching an equilibrium in the Capitol. Votes are still being tallied in the…

Politics Nov 15

Women in Congress — From 1917 to Now

Since the first woman was elected to Congress in 1917, there have been over 275 women who have served in the legislative branch. Mothers and daughters. Wives and widows. Old and young. Here are some of the women who have…

Politics Oct 17

The Second Presidential Debate in Less Than Eight Minutes

If you missed the second presidential debate between former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and President Obama Tuesday night, don't worry! We put together a highlight reel of the debate's best moments. We scoured the tapes and transcripts so you wouldn't…

Science Sep 11

‘The Victory Lab’: The Science Behind Winning Campaigns

// Have you ever wondered what your grocery store receipt has to do with your voting record? Chances are political operatives are poring over potential voters' everyday decisions trying to formulate winning campaign strategies. That is the premise behind the…

Politics Jul 11

Romney to NAACP: If You Could Read My Heart, You Would Vote for Me

Updated 11:55 p.m. Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP at their 103rd National Convention in Houston Wednesday morning. // While acknowledging the historical significance of President Obama's election as the nation's first African-American president, Romney attempted to distinguish himself in the…

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