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Nation Jul 14

Is giving money to poor countries doing more harm than good?

In designing aid, there's a natural tendency to address immediate needs, economic historian Gregory Clark tells Paul Solman in the fifth and final part of their conversation about his 2007 book, "A Farewell to Alms." But without economic growth first,…

Nation Jul 11

A genetic explanation of economic success

There’s nothing to rule out the possibility that the economically successful of the modern world are actually genetically different from the people who are not successful, economic historian Gregory Clark tells Paul Solman in part four of their never-before published…

Nation Jul 07

A world of woe: Why Malthus was right

If you had to choose between living in a hunter-gatherer society and pre-industrial England, which would you pick? The more violent hunter-gatherer society was better: you’d live just as long, with more dietary variety and fewer working hours. Economic historian…

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