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Jenny Marder is digital managing editor for the PBS NewsHour

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Science Oct 05

What are Quasicrystals, and What Makes Them Nobel-Worthy?

Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Israeli scientist Daniel Shechtman looks through a microscope at the Technion Institute of Technology. Photo by AFP/ Getty Images. The 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded on Wednesday to an Israeli scientist named Dan Shechtman…

Science Aug 15

Black Planets, Moon Blasts and Octopus Camouflage

Darkest Planet Found: Coal-Black, It Reflects Almost No Light A Jupiter-size gas giant planet so black that it is less reflective than "the blackest acrylic paint" has been discovered by NASA's Kepler space telescope. This National Geographic News…

Science Aug 03

Airplane Turbulence: Is It Dangerous?

Photo by WTL via Flickr. No frequent flyer is a stranger to turbulence. But what causes it, and how dangerous is it? Turbulence is the random, chaotic motion of air, caused by changes in air currents. From inside an…

Science Jul 26

Soyuz Rockets Prepare for Liftoff From New Spaceport

This fall, Russian Soyuz rockets are expected to begin launching from Europe's spaceport in French Guiana, headquarters of France's Ariane satellite-launching rocket program. This will mark the first time that a Soyuz launcher will lift off from a spaceport other…

Science Jul 20

NASA’s Space Shuttle Program: 30 Years of Flight

Atlantis and her four-member crew have been cleared for their historic return to earth on Thursday. Landing is scheduled for 5:56 ET. As NASA's final shuttle prepares for its final landing, we look back at the 30-year program.

Science Jul 06

Wrinkled When Wet: Accidental or Adaptive?

Fingers wrinkled after an afternoon snorkeling. Photo by notanyron via Flickr Creative Commons Beachgoers know it well. You soak in the sea or the tub long enough, and your waterlogged fingers get puckered and funny looking. But why do our…

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