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Jenny Marder is digital managing editor for the PBS NewsHour

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Science Jun 30

Journey to the mysterious gray rock

This Science Bedtime Story tells the incredible - and briefly, terrifying - story of the intrepid spacecraft that flew to Pluto and of Alice Bowman, a little girl who loved space and grew up to become one of the mission's…

Nation Jan 13

What did Obama just say? Experts read between the lines

President Barack Obama spent his final State of the Union speech last night defending his record in office on everything from climate change and healthcare to national security and education. But his legacy is complicated, and understanding it requires some…

Science Dec 25

On Christmas, a rare full moon

In December 1977, Jimmy Carter was president and George Lucas’ Star Wars, released six months earlier, had become the highest grossing film of all time. It was also the last time a full moon occurred on Christmas. Until today.

Science Sep 10

Dwarf planet Ceres seen in mesmerizing new detail

New images of dwarf planet Ceres show oddly shaped mountains, collapsed crater walls, long surface cracks and alternately rocky and smooth terrain, as if something flowed across a large swath of its surface. It also shows the bright spots in…

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