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Politics Feb 23

Mnuchin says goal is to pass tax reform by August

WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Thursday the administration is committed to getting major tax reform legislation through Congress by August. He predicted that President Donald Trump's economic proposals will be able to boost growth significantly to annual rates…

Politics Jan 19

WATCH LIVE: Steven Mnuchin confirmation hearing

Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Treasury Department is defending his handling of thousands of foreclosures during the height of the financial crisis. Steven Mnuchin says he worked hard to assist homeowners to refinance so they could keep…

Politics Feb 02

President Obama sends Congress record $4 trillion budget plan

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama sent Congress a record $4 trillion budget Monday that would boost taxes on higher-income Americans and corporations, pushing past tight federal spending caps to fund an ambitious public works program and provide middle-class tax relief.

Economy Jul 15

Yellen signals Fed will continue to boost economy

In delivering an economic report to Congress, Yellen says the Fed's future actions will depend on how the economy performs. She says if labor market conditions continue to improve more quickly than anticipated, the Fed could raise its key short-term…

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