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Rachel Wellford is an elections producer for PBS NewsHour.

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Politics Jun 11

Cantor loss sends jolt through political world

Today in the Morning Line: Cantor falls in stunning upset to Brat Defeat highlights difficulty for GOP on dealing with immigration reform Plenty of questions about Cantor’s campaign strategy House Republicans now without heir apparent to Boehner Obama weighs…

Politics Jun 09

How Lindsey Graham keeps beating them all

Mention Lindsey Graham’s name at a tea party rally, and the boos rain down. But despite angering some conservatives with his support for matters ranging from comprehensive immigration reform to President Obama’s nominees for the Supreme Court, the South Carolina…

Politics Jun 03

Tuesday’s primary headliners: Mississippi and Iowa

Today in the Morning Line: Primary day in Mississippi and Iowa Chris McDaniel: The tea party’s last, best hope? Can Ernst get to 35 percent? Another incumbent in trouble in California Obama defends prisoner swap Mississippi, Iowa headline Tuesday’s…

Politics Jun 02

EPA’s new rules put Democrats on their heels

Today in the Morning Line: New carbon regulations put Democrats on the defensive in the short term Ernst has momentum in Iowa Poll shows McDaniel in the lead in Mississippi New rules: Let’s put aside the long-term moral arguments on…

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