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World Apr 12

Family feud may threaten France’s far-right party

It's a tale of political melodrama -- long-simmering tensions between the father and daughter who lead France's insurgent far-right political movement threaten to escalate into a full-blown schism, threatening their party's ascendency.

Health Mar 29

Liberian officials urge abstinence for Ebola survivors

Liberian officials on Sunday urged Ebola survivors to observe a period of strict sexual abstinence after they recover from the deadly virus. The recommendation comes amid fears that Liberia's latest case of Ebola was the result of sexual transmission.

World Mar 22

ISIS publishes online hit list of US service members

An online group that calls itself the Islamic State's "Hacking Division" has published profiles of 100 U.S. service members, including their names, photos and purported home addresses, encouraging its "brothers residing in America" to kill those named on the list.

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