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Science Apr 10

SpaceX pulls off first successful mid-ocean rocket landing

Four failed attempts and years of effort paid off Friday, as the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket booster re-entered Earth's atmosphere and lowered itself vertically onto a floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean -- the company's first successful landing at sea.

Nation Feb 13

At least 3 dead in 50-car pileup in Pennsylvania

The pileup, which involved 50 or more vehicles, including roughly a dozen tractor-trailers, happened around 9:30 Saturday morning, and it was likely caused in part by the extreme winter weather that has hit much of the northeastern United States.

World Nov 23

4 surprising facts from the 2015 Global Terrorism Index

November’s wave of deadly terror attacks — including major incidents in Beirut, Paris, Nigeria and Mali — represented a new stage in the evolution of the Islamic State terrorist group, which many experts previously insisted was mostly focused on establishing…

World Nov 14

Increased vigilance across the globe following Paris attacks

As French President François Hollande tightened security across France, promising "merciless" retribution for the series of coordinated terror in Paris Friday night, world leaders reacted with expressions of solidarity as well as increased vigilance in their own countries.

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