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Nation Jun 02

Hurricanes with female names seen as less risky, says study

A new study from a team of researchers at the University of Illinois says Americans elicit gender-based expectations about hurricane severity, and perceive hurricanes with female names as less threatening than those with male names that may sound more foreboding.

World Apr 28

Don’t negotiate with terrorists, study says

“We will not negotiate with terrorists” is one of the golden rules of state policy. But a new study from Michigan University assistant professor Jakana Thomas shows that acts of violence can actually help get terrorist groups to…

Science Feb 25

U.S. bees get $3 million

The United States Department of Agriculture is set to provide $3 million for the nation’s ailing bees. Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD has hit the honey bee population hard since 2006, when scientists recognized that colonies were disappearing. Bees would…

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