Quiara Alegria Hudes is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and collaborated with Lin-Manuel Miranda on the Tony Award-winning musical "In The Heights." Hudes has also written a deeply personal memoir — “My Broken Language" — on navigating life as the daughter of a Puerto Rican mother and Jewish father in West Philadelphia. She gives us her Brief But Spectacular take on unearthing family stories.

Duration: 4:13

Carey Candrian is a Colorado-based social scientist who has spent much of her career investigating how healthcare can be compromised if an open discussion with patients is avoided. Candrian offers her Brief But Spectacular view on reimagining the language we use in healthcare, especially around elderly LBGTQ members.

Duration: 3:43

Ryan Ramnarace got a second chance at life when he was released from federal prison. After serving 14 years, he decided he wanted to be a positive presence for his family and community. He tells us about his progress in that endeavor, and gives his Brief But Spectacular take on the capacity we all have to change our lives.

Duration: 4:28

96-year-old Stuart Hodes took his first dance lesson at the Martha Graham school after being discharged from a distinguished stint as an air force aviator in World War II, and he has been dancing through life ever since. He recently wrote a memoir called "Onstage with Martha Graham," and joins us to provide his Brief but Spectacular take on dancing into old age.

Duration: 3:44