For 30 years, Dr. Joel Shamaskin was a primary care physician in Rochester, New York. When he received a life-changing ALS diagnosis in 2016, he channeled his energy into what mattered most -- his family and his community. He offers his Brief But Spectacular take on living with ALS.

Duration: 3:20

Originally from Mexico City herself, Gaby Hernandez understands firsthand the challenges immigrants can face in the United States. As the executive director of the Long Beach Immigrants Rights Coalition in California, she empowers those in her community to push for better resources and protections at both the local and national level. She shares her Brief But Spectacular take on immigrant justice.

Duration: 3:30

Since childhood, Jess T. Dugan has recognized the power of photography in documenting the world around them. As they grew into their gender identity, they began using photography and portraits to capture not only their own life, but the lives of other queer people. Tonight, Dugan shares their Brief But Spectacular take on representation and the power of portraiture.

Duration: 3:42

Tania Maree Giordani founded NourishNYC, an organization that began with the goal of providing support to Black Lives Matter protests, and has grown to provide broader grassroots services to her community year-round. Tonight, she shares her Brief But Spectacular take on building a community based on love.

Duration: 3:27