Vietnamese American chef Tu David Phu traces his culinary influences back to his family's unspoken history of war. He says food preferences often mirror people's perceptions of other cultures and prejudices. Tonight, he gives us his Brief But Spectacular take on the memory of food. It's part of our arts and culture series, CANVAS.

Duration: 3:23

For the past 40 years, Ruben Garcia has served as the director of the Annunciation House, an organization that works with people on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to help people immigrate or determine their next steps after deportation. Tonight, he shares his Brief But Spectacular take on how by protecting and embracing refugees, we build stronger societies.

Duration: 3:21

Renowned ballet dancer Misty Copeland and choreographer Kyle Abraham share a deep connection that shines brightly through in their creative collaborations. In 2019, Abraham choreographed an innovative solo performance that challenged expectations set for both Copeland and black dancers generally. Tonight, they offer their Brief But Spectacular take on communicating through movement.

Duration: 3:13

Syringe exchange and harm reduction programs don’t just hand out clean needles, they can provide a safe place for drug users to find care and a path to treatment, says Jamie Favaro of Next Harm Reduction. From handing out needles on the streets to founding a harm reduction nonprofit, Favaro has worked to change the way people see and treat drug users.

Duration: 3:24