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Debunking common myths about gender-affirming care for youth

November 28, 2022


The number of youth who openly identify as transgender has nearly doubled since 2017, according to a study from UCLA’s Williams Institute. In 2022, 16 states have proposed legislation that would restrict access to gender-affirming care for patients under the age of 18. Dr. Meredithe McNamara, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Yale School of Medicine, joins Geoff Bennett to discuss. For a transcript of this story, click here.

Five Facts

  • Who is interviewed in this story, and what is her background?
  • Where are some of the places where legislation has been proposed to restrict healthcare for young trans patients?
  • How much has the number of young people identifying as transgender grown since 2017, according to this story?
  • Why might it seem as though more young people are identifying as transgender according to Dr. McNamara?
  • What are some of the myths or misconceptions about healthcare for trans youth, according to this story?

Focus Questions

Dr. McNamara says that the increase in number of young people identifying as trans may be related to more comfort in reporting instead of an increase in number of trans youth. What are the risks of people believing that the number of trans youth is increasing “exponentially” according to Dr. McNamara?

Media literacy: Who else would you want to hear from to better understand the challenges faced by trans youth?

For More

What students can do: Use this resource guide to learn more about issues facing trans youth and other LGBTQ youth.

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