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And Now For Something Not Completely Different

Paul Solman: For those who just can’t get enough of my explanations, and like them in video form, you can go to the the home of the weekly PBS show called ‘The Newsmakers,’ in Evansville, Indiana. It’s hosted by the attentive and thoughtful Mizell Stewart, editor of the city’s daily paper, the Evansville Courier-Journal.

He interviewed me for almost half-an-hour last week on the current crisis and got both my brain and hands working harder than usual. He even ended with Tuesdays-with-Morrie Schwartz’s connection to the crisis. I collaborated with my erstwhile sociology professor at Brandeis back in 1994 on a book now called “Morrie: In His Own Words.” It preceded Mitch Albom’s giga-hit by a year or more and managed to undersell it by several orders of magnitude.

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