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Canada? Denmark? Where to Live Your Best Possible Life

It’s Tuesday, so here’s another of Tuesday’s Tool$, courtesy of the OECD – the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which grew out of the post-WWII Marshall plan and includes 34 countries – essentially, “the West” plus Japan and South Korea.

The OECD has an interactive tool it calls its “Better Life Initiative,” rating its members along 11 quality-of-life dimensions, from “housing” to “work-life balance.” All you do is create your own “Better Life Index” by filling in your personal rating for each variable, 1-5 (at the right of the graphic). Then click “Reset”  and see the little “flowers,” representing OECD countries, align themselves from top to bottom in terms of desirability. If you’re my age, you may need reading glasses to see which countries are best for you and to make up the fine print at the very bottom right, which allows you to display the countries alphabetically or, better, by rank. (Curiously, to me at least, the rank order is displayed right to left.)

Please let us know, in the box below, what your top country turned out to be. We’ll then publish the “NewsHour Audience Better Life Country of the Year.”

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