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The profundity of Germany versus Greece, via Monty Python

This page has, since its inception before the Crash of ’08, relied on the economic point of view in its various forms, right and left. We have often discussed the European “Union,” and specifically the economic contest between Greece and Germany.

See “If Greece Were a Binge Drinker,” “Why Greece should follow Germany’s walk, not its talk,” “Economist Paul Krugman on Germany’s ‘Whips and Scourges’” and “How to save Greece: Turn its banks into mutual fund companies.”

But today, courtesy of Monty Python via loyal viewer and reader Maya Wagle, we link to an Olympian view of the — at heart — surprisingly similar weltanschauungen of the two nations.

Okay, this has nothing to do with economics. But trust me, it’s hilarious.

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