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Has Goldman Sachs Bought Off Making Sen$e?

People are reflected in glass as they walk past Goldman Sachs
People are reflected in glass as they walk past Goldman Sachs headquarters. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images.

Paul Solman frequently answers questions from the NewsHour audience on business and economic news on his Making Sen$e page. Here are Thursday’s queries:

Two questions today, one answer.

Name: Bryan

Question: Very nice interview with Barofsky. Interesting that this “public” television interview was prefaced by PR from Goldman Sachs. Independent journalism?

Making Sense

Name: John Llewellyn

Question: The Foaming the Landing for Banks story was prefaced by an ad for Goldman Sachs. What a strange contradiction of the story!

Paul Solman: Well, OK, maybe Llewellyn is simply noting an admittedly odd juxtaposition of the financial giant and our web outtake of the former TARP cop. But do you suppose, Bryan, that Goldman Sachs dictated the Barofsky interview? And if so, don’t you wonder why, since it was so critical of financial institutions like Goldman? So yes, “independent journalism” indeed. I don’t mean to sound defensive, but it was rather a vivid example of independence, I’d say. Do others disagree?

As usual, look for a second post early this afternoon. But please don’t blame us if events or technology make that impossible. Meanwhile, let it be known that this entry is cross-posted on the Making Sen$e page, where correspondent Paul Solman answers your economic and business questions

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