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How Are You Sharing the Pain at Work During This Economic Downturn?

The economic downturn has left few industries untouched, and companies across the country are resorting to drastic cutbacks in jobs and spending. But many organizations are also encouraging workers to “share the pain” of the downturn — by accepting lower wages, reduced hours, and fewer benefits in order to avert layoffs.

Stephanie Artley, a worker at the Conn-Selmer musical instrument plant in Elkhart, Indiana, recently put the experience to me this way:

It’s kind of like who gets in a lifeboat and who doesn’t get in a lifeboat. So I think it’s better that we all get an oar and just kind of paddle along and keep each other floating.

I’d like to hear more about how this “share economy” is affecting workers across the United States. Have you been asked to cut your hours or accept a lower salary so that your employer can avoid layoffs?

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