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Hurricane Descends on Haiti; U.S. Adds 150k Jobs; Mount Merapi Erupts Again

People wait for United Nations trucks Thursday in Port-au-Prince. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

Tropical Storm Tomas strengthened to a hurricane, bringing heavy rain and 85 mile per hour winds over Haiti as residents struggled to evacuate. Many are still in tent cities following a devastating earthquake in January; there are now fears of mudslides and floods in Haiti’s mountainous terrain.

Flowing rainwater could also further the spread of cholera, which has been an ongoing problem in makeshift camps.

U.S. Adds Jobs in October

According to the Department of Labor, the U.S. economy added more than 150,000 jobs jobs in October, the first increase since May. The unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.6 percent.

Mount Merapi Claims More Lives

Indonesia’s Mount Merapi erupted again this morning, killing 69 more people. This is the latest eruption in the past week. The NewsHour has this report from the edge of the disaster zone.

Suicide Bomb Hits Mosque in Pakistan

A suicide bomb attack on a mosque in northwest Pakistan killed 45 people and injured almost 100 more. Witnesses told the BBC that the bomber approached on foot and blew himself up as worshippers were leaving Friday prayers. No one has yet claimed responsibility, but the Pakistani Taliban is known to be active in this region.

68 Dead in Cuba Plane Crash

A state airliner crashed in Cuba, killing all 68 passengers aboard a flight originating in Port-au-Prince. AeroCaribbean Flight 883, which was carrying 40 Cubans and 28 foreign passengers, reported an emergency before losing contact with air traffic control and crashing near the town of Guasimal in a remote area of western Cuba.

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