Tampa Dispatch: Jamaica Native Hopes Green Card Will Open Door to a Job

TAMPA, Fla. | On Monday’s NewsHour, we heard Jennifer’s Orr-Bryan’s story of struggling to find work and keep her home as part of our look at how the economic downturn has rippled through our Spotlight City state of Florida.

But she and her husband, Anthony Bryan, who’s from Jamaica and also out of work, got some good news this week: his conditional green card was granted.

Speaking with Gwen Ifill, Bryan, who had worked in security, said he’d been working since he was a teen and that not working was causing him a great deal of stress — even making him feel like less of a man.

“Hopefully this will help me to find something out there,” he said. “A job’s a job.”

Mrs. Orr-Bryan, who’s selling cosmetics part time and considering going back to school, also shares the story of a very small haul from her consignment efforts at a flea market that only strengthened her resolve to earn more somehow.

Hear their full discussion:

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