Are you an informed voter? A quiz

Trust in government is at historically low levels this election season. As few as 19 percent of Americans say they trust their government always or most of the time, according to Pew Research data. Seventy-four percent think that the nation’s elected officials put their own interests ahead of their constituents. And a 2015 CNN/ORC poll found that 69 percent of Americans were angry about “the way things are going” in the U.S.

Why are American voters so angry?

Much of this anger seems to stem from the economy; more than three-quarters of Americans rate the economy poorly, according to the CNN poll. Anger about the economy has played a leading role in the 2016 race, whether it’s workers losing jobs to trade and globalization, college graduates suffocating under the weight of student loan debt or families struggling after the Great Recession.

We teamed up with Jim Stone, author of “Five Easy Theses: Common-Sense Solutions to America’s Greatest Economic Challenges,” to see how informed you are about the economic challenges America faces — and whether your anger is based on the facts.

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