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Moral AND Ethical to Strategically Default?

Rounding out our series today, those of you considering strategic default might find particular encouragement from the web chat with law professor Brent White of the University of Arizona, who thinks it both legally and morally okay.

“It’s interesting that [for] banks, the typical line is that it’s immoral to default on mortgages, yet banks do it themselves with quite a regularity,” White said.

If you missed the first two installments in the series, watch arguments against strategic default (and for sticking with your mortgage) by Florida banker Bill Valenti and University of Chicago Economist Luigi Zingales.

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(If you so love this debate that you can’t get enough, Zingales and White have duked it out on the pages of the urban policy magazine, “City Journal.” Zingales’s article is “The Menace of Strategic Default.” It prompted this response from White, and a counter from Zingales.

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