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New North Korean Nuclear Facility Raises Concerns; Ireland Accepts Bailout

U.S. intelligence and new satellite images from North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear facility appear to show that the country is building a new light-water reactor, raising fears that the plant would be used to boost North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability. U.S. officials rejected North Korea’s claim that the installation would be used to generate electricity.

There are already U.N. sanctions in place for previous violations, and the United States has asked China, North Korea’s main benefactor, to pressure Kim Jong-Il to adhere to existing regulations.

The latest development comes as six-party talks, a longstanding nuclear negotiation process involving North Korea, China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Russia, remain stalled.

Ireland Accepts Massive Bailout Plan from EU, IMF

After initially resisting pressure to accept assistance for its troubled banks, Ireland has agreed to a bailout plan worth about €80 billion. The move is intended to bolster the euro, which has taken a hit in light of recent crises in Greece and Spain.

Holiday Travel Fuels Resistance to New TSA Screening Procedures

As airports around the country gear up for an influx of holiday travelers, the Transportation Safety Administration is defending new full-body scans and pat-downs. The agency’s administrator, John Pistole, said in a statement Sunday that the TSA is working to make the procedures as “minimally invasive as possible,” and that it is working to “strike the right balance between privacy and security.”

Test Shaft Being Built Site of New Zealand Mine Explosion

The drilling of a six-inch wide borehole near the site of an explosion Friday that trapped 29 miners continues Monday. Rescuers believe they are near the missing men, some 500 feet below ground, but have been unable to establish any contact. Despite the presence of dangerous gases, Prime Minister John Key said he believes the miners could still be alive.

JFK Secret Service Agents Open Up 47 Years Later

Monday marks the 47th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas. A handful of the president’s Secret Service agents returned to the Sixth Floor Museum, near Dealey Plaza, to discuss their memories of Nov. 22, 1963.

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