Obama ‘bets’ on millennials to shape American economy

There’s no question that President Barack Obama’s administration is social media savvy, with a lockdown on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter.

Now, President Obama has ventured into the blogosphere. On Thursday, he published a blog post to the site Medium addressing millennials, who President Obama called “part of the first generation to grow up in the digital age.”

Despite graduating into a recession, the president called the millennial generation’s position the best to “break into the newest sectors of the new American economy.”

He credited innovation in technology as a giant contributor to shaping the future economy:

“I’ve seen what your generation is capable of firsthand. And one of the reasons I’m so confident about America’s future is that I’m confident in you — a generation that’s more educated, diverse, and digitally fluent than any before you.”

The blog post is in keeping with the president’s defense of his economic legacy. Last week, he took a break from his foreign policy narrative to speak about the economy in Chicago.