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On Tuesday’s NewsHour: Tax Cut Plan, WikiLeaks’ Woes, Cuba Dispatch

TAX CUTS: President Obama used a White House news conference Tuesday to make the case for the tax cut compromise he brokered Monday. Jeffrey Brown talks to economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman and Stephen Moore of the conservative “Club for Growth” and the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page.

WIKILEAKS’ WOES: The latest legal troubles for WikiLeaks’ elusive founder Julian Assange include his arrest in London on charges of rape and other sex crimes in Sweden. Gwen Ifill talks to legal experts about the questions surrounding Assange and the case for — and against — WikiLeaks.

IRISH DEBT CRISIS: Ireland’s finance minister unveiled one of the toughest budgets in the country’s history Tuesday. We have a report from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on what brought the country to the economic brink.

INSIDE CUBA: Ray Suarez is in Cuba reporting on a number of issues and changes taking place on the island nation. Jeffrey Brown talks to Ray for an update on his trip.

STATE OF U.S. SCHOOLS: A new global survey shows U.S. students falling behind much of the rest of the world in reading, science and math. Gwen Ifill talked to Education Secretary Arne Duncan about the findings at an education town hall in Washington, D.C.

All that and Hari Sreenivasan will report the day’s other top headlines from our newsroom. We hope you’ll join us.

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