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On Wednesday’s NewsHour: Simpson and Bowles

Here’s what’s coming up on Wednesday’s NewsHour …

POLITICAL DEAL-MAKING: From tax cuts to jobless benefits, the deal-making race is on for lawmakers before the end of the lame duck session of Congress. Gwen Ifill will report on the details.

NEWSMAKERS: SIMPSON AND BOWLES: The president’s bipartisan fiscal commission released a revised deficit trimming proposal Wednesday in the hunt for compromise on a final plan. Judy Woodruff will talk to the panel’s chairmen: Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson.

MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS: From Colorado, Tom Bearden reports on the fight against Mexican drug cartels, some 1,000 miles north of the border. Then, Margaret Warner talks to reporter Nicholas Casey, a Wall Street Journal reporter in Mexico.

*CHICAGO POLYTECH * As part of our NewsHour Connect series showcasing public media from around the country, Ash-har Quraishi of Chicago News Cooperative reports on a school preparing youth for manufacturing jobs.

All that and Hari Sreenivasan will have the day’s top stories from our newsroom. Stay tuned.

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