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On Wednesday’s NewsHour: BP Sued, CEOs Meet Obama, Afghan Intel

BP LAWSUIT| The Justice Department filed a major lawsuit against BP and eight other companies involved in the Gulf oil spill disaster. Ray Suarez has more.

OBAMA URGES COMPANIES TO HIRE | President Obama invited top business executives to a White House meeting to elicit ideas for job growth and increase hiring. Gwen Ifill gets insight into the meeting with two of the CEOs that attended.

SENATE VOTE ON TAX CUTS| NewsHour Congressional Correspondent Kwame Holman reports on the Senate’s 81-19 vote to pass the president’s tax cut compromise, now headed to the House. Then, Judy Woodruff speaks with two House members about the growing debate over raising estate tax.

AFGHAN INTEL REPORTS | Elizabeth Bumiller of the New York Times talks with Margaret Warner about the review of the war in Afghanistan set to come out Thursday, and what intelligence reports reveal about Afghanistan and Pakistan.

BOISE DANCE ALLIANCE | Jeffrey Brown profiles how a leading dance company and a small western city are learning to move together through an unexpected partnership.

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