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Robert Putnam to Answer Your Questions

UPDATE | Oct. 18, 2010 Robert Putnam has answered some of your questions here.

On Monday’s NewsHour, I interviewed public policy professor Robert Putnam of ‘Bowling Alone’ fame about his massive new study of religion, six years in the making: American Grace.

America’s most popular religious group? Its least? How many self-confessed atheists and agnostics among us? Are religious people nicer? All that and more.

Plus, what may be the coolest feature of the Making Sen$e page: folks like public policy professor Robert Putnam actually answering your questions. Tuition-free. Admittedly, you won’t get a degree from Harvard, where Putnam has long taught, or even course credit. But you will get answers, straight from the professor’s mouth (which is more than a lot of Ivy League students can say).

Post your questions for Robert Putnam in the comment section below and we’ll publish answers next week.

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