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Robert the Robot, the Mechanical Man

Name: Jose

Question: In Virginia we have a non-judicial foreclosure process. The servicers and their attorneys refuse to provide information as to who the true creditor is, they refuse to answer qualified written requests — they apparently have a license to Cheat, Steal, Forge, and destroy evidence and they do not even have to go to court.

Why is it that they are refusing to give us information that is relevant to our mortgages? When I closed on my loan no one told me that they were going to slice and dice my promise to pay, no one told me they were going to split my payments into millions of pieces. I have researched the issue- my loan is not being reported in default to the trust, but the servicer says they have instructions from the trust to foreclose. Why can’t they produce a copy of those orders?

Paul Solman: Because they lost track somewhere along the way? Because finding and copying costs money, and they have little incentive to do so? Because the papers were signed by Robbie the Robot? Your guess is as good as mine.

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