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Ode to Germany: Merle Hazard, Backed by Beethoven

Today’s post introduces the fourth of country singer Merle Hazard’s Euro-shanties, this one taking off on the Ode to Joy from Beethoven’s 9th. Teutonic C&W. Merle (if not Beethoven) will do anything to educationally amuse. So will we.

But given the gravity of the week, we’ve added a serious post earlier today as well: my economics take on the President’s State of the Union, with a word or two on the speeches that followed.

And remember the contest we’re running: you write your own Euro-crisis lyrics to a tune of your choice. You can simply put them in the comments box below, or on our social sites: my Twitter and my ‘Solman Classroom’ YouTube, NewsHour’s Facebook page and on Twitter,

The competition is already stiff. We choose the best one and Merle records it, to be posted right here.

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