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Toyota Recall Affects Lexus and Avalon Models

According to Toyota, there maybe a problem with the brake master cylinder cup in nearly 1.5 million of its vehicles around the world. Without getting too technical, if you have the problem, you’ll notice your brakes feel a bit “spongy.” There are nearly 750,000 of these cars on the road in the United States. So if you have one of these cars, bring it in to have a local dealer a free replacement part installed.

Over the past year, Toyota has had to recall more than 10 million vehicles for a variety of problems. Here are pictures of the vehicles affected by this recall.

A 2005, 2006 Avalon:

A 2004-2006 (non-hybrid) Highlander

Lexus RX330

2006 GS300

2006 IS250 & 350

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