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What Worries Economists in 2011: From Lower Housing Prices To a Crisis in Europe

This will not come as news to our Twitter followers (tweetees?), but we spent last weekend at the annual economics convention, held this year in Denver. Making SenseEvery January we buttonhole economists of various stripes and political persuasions to pose a question or two. In 2009 we asked, “How come you didn’t see the crisis coming?” and their predictions for the year ahead; last year, “How should we fix the financial system?” with William Black, Andrew Lo, Ben Friedman and a humorous take with “stand-up economist” Yoram Bauman.

This year’s questions were more general: What has surprised you most in the proximate past and what most worries you looking ahead? Exclusively for our website, we’ve edited together some of the most intriguing — and worrisome — responses.

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