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What’s the Purpose of the G20 Meeting?

2009 G20 logo

Question: What scenarios are associated with the G20 conference for the U.S. and global economy?

Paul Solman: We want the rest of the world to spend more money stimulating their economies. Except for China, most countries seem to be afraid to.

For the German perspective, see my exchange below with the longest-named interviewee of my 46-year journalism career (including college): Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Reichsfreiherr [Baron] von und zu Guttenberg, the conservative German minister of economics and technology. (I was thinking of beginning the interview by saying ‘Baron Karl-Theodor,” etc. etc. but figured it might seem like mockery, showing off, and wasting time all at once. Besides, I don’t have enough vital lung capacity to do it in one breath.)

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