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Worried About Retirement? An Excellent Free Video Tool Debuts

Curious Behaviors that Can Ruin Your Retirement
Image of “Curious Behaviors” used with permission of the Financial Security Project at Boston College.

A suggestion for those pondering retirement: a new interactive video tool introduced by old friend Alicia Munnell, professor of management, director of the Center for Retirement Research and head of the new Center for Financial Literacy — all at Boston College. (We interviewed her for a pair of retirement-related pieces: “Raising the Retirement Age” and “Rethinking Retirement Benefit Calculation Could Aid Social Security.”)

Making Sense

Hosted by an amiable Boston actor named Jerry Kissel, “‘Curious Behaviors That Can Ruin Your Retirement is an interactive program on behavioral impediments to retirement planning,” according to the site. It’s short, easy to use, cheesy at times but extremely insightful. And coming from Munnell, you can depend upon its accuracy. Highly recommended.

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