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Covering History: College Journalists Take on the Inauguration

The PBS NewsHour presents: InaugBlog – Behind the Scenes from NewsHour University on Vimeo.

Produced by Ed Madison, assistant professor at the University of Oregon

To cover the 57th presidential inauguration, NewsHour hosted 15 student journalists from college and graduate journalism programs across the country. After three days of interviewing everyone and anyone (including Jesse Jackson), attending the Inaugural Ball and a Yoga Ball, trying not to drool onto half-smokes at Ben’s Chili Bowl and one very long Metro ride, the journalists in training produced more than 40 original stories that came together as InaugBlog.

Watch a recap of the weekend, which InaugBlog reporter Lukas Udsten of the University of Missouri said can only be described as a “blur.”

Here’s a look at the ground they covered. Each pin represents where each story was filed:

View Inaug Blog Content Map in a larger map

Map produced by Robert R. Denton

The staff was divided into teams focusing on social media, photography, copy and video.

The social media team, who also took on copy editing duties, curated a social media hub of live updates from reporters and photographers in the field.

The print team reported on lesser-known stories from the inauguration, including:

The photo team documented all the main events along the Mall and on the other side of the District.

  • LGBTQ band: Marching in the inaugural parade

  • Yoga Ball: Yogis bring together politics and pose at St. Francis Hall in Northeast Washington.

The video team took on big debates in national policy:

  • Immigration: A 17-year-old immigrant explains his situation in America as comprehensive immigration reform moves forward.

  • Marijuana: As voters in Washington state and Colorado pass legislation to allow recreational marijuana, a war brews between the state and federal governments.

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