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For Gates, better training for front line workers key no matter the challenge

Following their conversation for last night’s PBS NewsHour, Gwen Ifill continued to talk with Bill and Melinda Gates about lessons learned from their decade plus in philanthropy — especially their reflections on work to end the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

One direction their philanthropy is moving in, no matter the area of focus, is empowering frontline workers.

“Whether it be a teacher in an inner city classroom or somebody in Liberia in a rural healthcare clinic — how do you get the latest tools out to them, making sure the investment in those tools is taking place, then the training programs and the feedback programs so they can be there on the frontline,” Bill Gates said. “They’re really the heroes, and we’re trying to build systems that help them do it better.”

Better training and more constructive feedback for teachers was a main focus of Gates’ remarks before educators, officials and Bill and Melinda Gate Foundations staffers gathered in Seattle yesterday for the group’s forum on education.

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