Google’s Chromebook wins over classrooms; ousts Apple’s iPad

Google has ousted Apple as the leading supplier of educational devices to schools, pushing Apple’s popular iPad tablet into second place.

The Financial Times reported statistics released from market research firm International Data Corporation, revealing that Google shipped 715,000 of their Chromebooks in the third quarter of 2014, compared to Apple’s third quarter total of 702,000 iPads.

The Chromebook’s integrated keyboard, alongside its lower price point when compared to the iPad, is considered a major factor in its surging popularity. “As the average age of the student grows the need for a keyboard becomes very important,” said Rajani Singh, an analyst with the IDC.

The $199 price tag for the Chromebook provides schools with low upfront costs, and the price point is far more attractive than the iPad, which can total for more than $300, including education discounts.

The IDC released data in November predicting that the worldwide tablet market’s year-over-year growth will see a sharp decline in 2014, dropping from 7.2 percent from 52.5 percent in 2013.

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