Journalists and leaders mentor PBS NewsHour’s student reporters

This week, 11 middle and high-school students traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in four days of workshops, visit the White House and interview Col. Steve Parker of the U.S. Army, who leads Joining Forces, an initiative that provides assistance to military families.

This is part of the NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs program. More than 80 Student Reporting Labs in 40 states participate in the program, which includes lesson plans and tutorials that teach critical thinking, digital literacy, reporting skills and civic engagement.

Journalism mentors from local PBS stations work with the students on story ideas, scripts and videos that investigate important national issues such as education, immigration, science and civics from a youth perspective. The labs also connect to each other via Google Hangouts and Skype to collaborate on stories and discuss current events.

The Student Reporting Labs program is supported by grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Science Foundation.

The PBS NewsHour’s education coverage is part of American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen, a public media initiative made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.