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Twitter chat: What can be done to curb drinking on college campuses?

PBS NewsHour recently reported on efforts to stop dangerous drinking on college campuses. In the United States, more than 1,800 students die each year from alcohol related incidents. An additional 600,000 students per year are injured while intoxicated, and nearly 100,000 sexual assaults have been linked to alcohol consumption.

While popular culture often portrays binge drinking as an enjoyable and even comical part of the collegiate experience, the risks of excessive alcohol consumption cannot be ignored. What are colleges doing to educate and protect students? What are the most, and least, effective policies to curb drinking on campus? How far does the regulatory reach of universities extend?

We addressed these questions and more in a Twitter chat. Karin Fischer (@karinfischer) and Eric Hoover (@erichoov), senior writers for The Chronicle of Higher Education, weighed in, along with Trisha Seastrom (@CADECChicoState), program director of the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center at California State University, Chico. Connor Monda (@PhiSlam), a sophomore at the University of Georgia, and a member of Phi Slam — a group that plans alcohol-free social events for the student body — shared a student’s perspective. Read a transcript of the conversation below.

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