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Twitter Chat: Is college really for everyone?

The U.S. lags behind several other nations when it comes to the percent of the population with 2- and 4-year degrees. Despite the slow progress, is the pressure to attend college too strong? Should some students be steered toward alternative options? The PBS NewsHour, as part of our series on higher education in May, hosted a Twitter chat on whether college is truly for everyone.

Our guests included Vivek Wadhwa, a former entrepreneur and writer who has criticized other tech entrepreneurs for suggesting young people may be better suited opting out of higher education. Rich Vedder, director of the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, also has said that college isn’t always worth it, especially for those who become saddled by massive debt. And Jillian Gordon, a former teacher and current graduate student of agricultural and environmental education at the University of Georgia, joined in the conversation. Gordon’s essay for our Teacher’s Lounge series on why she’s discouraging some of her students from attending college set off a firestorm of responses online.

Take a look at the recap below.