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Twitter Chat: What do today’s high school graduates need to know and how can this be measured?

On Saturday, September 27, American Graduate Day will return for its third year. This national television broadcast, produced by WNET, highlights the efforts of individuals and organizations working across the U.S. to help at-risk students reach graduation.

What should American public schools teach students to prepare them for college and for adult life? How can schools and educators ensure students are competitive candidates for college admission? How do the educational needs of students across the country differ, and is it possible to design a national curriculum? Is standardized testing an effective means of measuring kids’ knowledge? If not, how should students and schools be evaluated?

We addressed these questions in a Twitter chat with Anthony Cody (@AnthonyCody), a retired educator and editor of the blog Living in Dialogue, Veeko Lucas (@veekolucas), a former educator and consultant for the nonprofit TNTP, and Michael Roth (@mroth78), president of Wesleyan University. Read a transcript of the conversation below.

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