August 10th, 2015

Teaching Ferguson in the classroom


It’s been one year since the encounter with a white police officer that resulted in the death of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on Aug. 9, 2014.

The killing rocked the country with questions about civil rights, police force diversity and the power of law enforcement. In November, a grand jury announced that officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for fatally shooting the unarmed teenager.

As an educator, you can give students some context with our timeline of events and educational resources below; then, check out Dr. Marcia Chatelain’s advice on addressing Ferguson with students of all ages.

‘There still is a lot stacked against us’: Ferguson inspires year of art | Aug. 9, 2015


Poets and artists take inspiration from the events following Michael Brown’s death.

Ferguson takes steps toward change in year since Michael Brown’s death | Aug. 7, 2015

Ferguson residents reflect on changes in their city over the past year.

‘Searing’ Ferguson report claims revenue came before public safety | March 5, 2015

A federal investigation details racial bias within Ferguson’s police department.

Grand jury decides not to charge Officer Darren Wilson | Nov. 25, 2014

Show students what happened grand jury announced that they would not indict Wilson.

Teens reflect on impact of Ferguson unrest | Aug. 29, 2014

Students from PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs gave their take on events in Ferguson.

Ferguson residents speak up about protests | Aug. 21, 2014

Ferguson residents urged peace as protests rocked the city following Brown’s death.

Police shooting in St. Louis brings new tension to Ferguson | Aug. 20, 2014

A second police shooting shortly after Brown’s death set off fresh tension in the area.

Police force diversity in national spotlight following teen’s death | Aug. 18, 2014

The Michael Brown shooting raised questions about the importance of a police force reflecting the community it serves.

Anger and unrest in Missouri | Aug. 12, 2014

Our initial story following the fatal shooting of Brown by Wilson.

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