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Ask Your Questions: Confronting the Global Obesity Problem

On Tuesday’s NewsHour, Ray Suarez explores the growing rates of obesity in China, but Beijing is certainly not alone in dealing with this modern-day health crisis– about 400 million adults are obese worldwide, and 1.6 billion are overweight, according to the World Health Organization.

The health implications are sobering; higher rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers for starters.

So what is happening in societies seeing rising rates of obesity? And what are the biological factors contributing to global weight gain?

Ray Suarez will pose your questions to experts on the issues behind this epidemic in an online forum with Dr. Barry Popkin, director of the UNC Interdisciplinary Obesity Center and author of “The World is Fat,” and Michael Power, a research associate at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and co-author of “The Evolution of Obesity.”

Post your questions for the experts in the comments section below. The conversation and answers will be posted online on June 7.

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