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Finding An HIV Cure: A Glance at the Ranging Research Studies

Science magazine’s Jon Cohen speaks with Jackie Judd of the Kaiser Family Foundation about about the ‘treatment cascade’ and about research aimed at finding a cure for HIV.

The NewsHour is partnering with the Kaiser Family Foundation to bring you these updates throughout the conference week. Check back for more soon. And, of course, stay tuned to the NewsHour broadcast for further analysis throughout the proceedings.

Watch this week’s speeches from the International AIDS Conference in their entirety here or on the NewsHour’s Health Page. Also there, find background materials including a primer on this week’s conference in Washington and a look at how the HIV/AIDS fight in the District of Columbia itself compares with a nation in sub-Saharan Africa on three fronts: assisting orphans, preventing the spread of HIV in correctional facilities and reducing stigma in churches.

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