One Year Into Health Reform, What Do You Want to Know?

Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of health care reform — and, it seems, Americans are as confused as ever about the law.

A recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey PDF found that 52 percent of people say they don’t have enough information about how reform will affect them.

So, the NewsHour would like to help answer some of your questions about the law. Are you wondering when particular changes in the law will take effect? What will change in the coming year? How will your family and insurance be affected? What is the status of state lawsuits against reform, and when will they be decided?

You can pose your questions in the comments section below, email them to onlinehealth [at], tweet us @newshourhealth or contact us on the NewsHour’s Facebook page. We’ll pose your queries to experts and analysts, and post the answers Wednesday.

And check back here on the Rundown and on our Rx for Reform page for more coverage this week of the health reform law, one year later.

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