Spotlight City Highlights Floridians’ Varied Views on Health Reform

NewsHour health correspondent Betty Ann Bowser and producer Terry Rubin recently traveled to Tampa, Fla., to sample residents’ range of opinions on the new health care reform law. Their story is part of the NewsHour’s “Spotlight City” week in Florida.

We’ve posted some extended interviews with four Floridians who offered their views on the new law here. The NewsHour also recently examined the public reaction the bill is receiving in Virginia and California.

First up, retiree Dee Williams, who worries that the new law will take away from her Medicare benefits. Florida ranks second in the nation in the number of residents on Medicare.

But allergist Dr. Mona Vishin Mangat believes the new law will help her patients:

Small business owner Jerry Pierce believes that the law will harm his small business:

And Ronny Drimmer hopes that it will make it easier for her to find insurance with her pre-existing condition: