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Twitter Chat: Going beyond the headlines on Zika, antibacterial soap and EpiPen prices

It’s been a hot summer for health news. Zika went from overseas dilemma to U.S. outbreak. Mylan faced heavy criticism for the soaring prices of its lifesaving EpiPens. And the FDA effectively banned the chemical triclosan and other antibacterial agents from soaps and washes.

What role did social media play in Mylan’s announcement of a generic EpiPen? How long until a Zika vaccine is available to the public? How did the 19 ingredients banned by the FDA land in soaps and washes in the first place?

At 12 pm EDT on Friday, we’ll hold an in-depth discussion with STAT’s ace reporters Helen Branswell (@HelenBranswell), Ike Swetlitz (@ikeswetlitz) and Sheila Kaplan (@BySheilaKaplan). Each has done extensive reporting on these topics for STAT News. Join in tomorrow on Twitter, or send your questions now via the hashtag #NewsHourChats.

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