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Twitter Chat: How AIDS continues to grip at-risk communities

Russia, Nigeria and Florida are three of the communities hardest hit by the HIV/AIDS crisis. In Russia, nearly 30,000 people died from AIDS in 2017, according to Russia’s Federal AIDS Center. Nigeria, a country that represents just 2 percent of the global population, is home to nearly 25 percent of the babies born with HIV worldwide. In the southern United States, more HIV infections progress to AIDS in Florida than any other state, partly because people who start treatment don’t stay on antiretroviral medication.

Our reporters traveled to these at-risk areas as part of the PBS NewsHour series The End of AIDS: Far From Over, produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center and Science magazine. On the ground, we asked how the medical community is responding to the crisis, how faith communities and support groups are reaching out to HIV-positive individuals, and how social stigma, lack of education and government negligence contribute to the continued spread of the virus.

To share those stories, the PBS NewsHour will be joined on Twitter on June 26 at 1 p.m. EDT by NewsHour correspondent William Brangham (@wmbrangham), NewsHour health producer Jason Kane (@JasoKane), Science magazine’s Jon Cohen (@sciencecohen) and Science magazine photographer Misha Friedman (@MishaFriedman.)

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