Nov 4, 2021 11:13 AM EDT

Climate activists protest near COP26 venue, urge Japan to phase out coal

COP26 - Protests

Protesters dressed as Pikachu are seen holding signs urging Japan to stop funding coal during a protest outside the COP26 Summit in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images

Protesters dressed in giant life-sized Pikachu costumes called on Japan to phase out coal Thursday, as world powers continued to negotiate at the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow.

Activists from No Coal Japan urged the Japanese government to stop financing coal projects overseas and to phase out coal domestically by 2030.

Ayumi Fukakusa, a campaigner from Friends of the Earth Japan, accused Japan of breaking its pledge to end its dependence on the fuel by “expanding” coal plants.

The demonstration came as several major coal-using nations at the COP26 conference pledged for the first time to phase out their use of coal or to speed up existing plans to do so.

The British government said pledges of new or earlier deadlines for ending coal use came from countries including Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam and Chile.

Further details about which countries were doing what were to be announced later Thursday.