10 videos to watch from Chicago’s police misconduct investigators

On Friday, Chicago officials publicly released hundreds of videos, audio recordings and other evidence related to 101 police incidents to an online portal. There, anyone could sift through about 300 videos from cases that fell under the jurisdiction of the Independent Police Review Authority, an agency responsible for investigating police misconduct.

IPRA head Sharon Fairley explained that the agency released videos from more serious incidents involving the Chicago Police Department. These police encounters include officer-involved shootings, any discharge of a taser that resulted in great bodily harm or death to a civilian, or deaths and major injuries that occurred while a civilian was in police custody, Fairley said.

Fairley noted that these videos did not indicate judgment on any officer’s conduct shown in the materials. All the cases referenced are still under investigation, she said.

The Chicago Police Department has been under scrutiny since the release of an October 2014 dashcam video that showed the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald by a white police officer. Some videos showed police responding to a scene. PBS NewsHour watched through this initial batch of videos and selected 10 that are worth watching.

WARNING: These videos contain graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

CASE LOG NO. 1058573

Police responded to a disturbance on a bus on Nov. 22, 2012. Ismaaeel Jamison, 28, allegedly struck the driver. The unarmed Jamison resisted arrest and was shot in the chest and right foot by police. Police records also indicate that an officer discharged a taser against Jamison. He was transported to a hospital where his wounds were listed as serious. Incident begins at the start of this video.

CASE LOG NO. 1078329

Officers drag a handcuffed Phillip Coleman, 38, following his arrest for alleged domestic battery and aggressive battery against officers on Dec. 13, 2012. While in lock-up, Coleman became aggressive, according to police reports. He was tased and transported to a local hospital, where officers had to restrain him. One witness at the hospital said Coleman charged at officers. Incident begins 10 seconds into the video.

CASE LOG NO. 1053667

On April 30, 2012, three alleged burglars plowed through a garage door on the South Side of Chicago, whereupon police officers discharged their firearms. The police report said John W. Givens, 32, Leland Dudley, 33, and David Strong, 27, were unarmed at the time. A subsequent lawsuit said 30 to 40 bullets were fired. Leland was killed. Two officers suffered minor injuries. Incident begins approximately 20 minutes into this video.

CASE LOG NO. 1071320

Officers observed Lisa Simmons, 43, publicly drinking alcohol out of a plastic cup in North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago on July 12, 2014. Three others were arrested: Jerome Simmons, 22, for public consumption of alcohol; Octavius Simmons, 23, for interfering with the arrest and Jeremiah Smith, 30, for the same offense. Incidents occur at approximately (a) 30 seconds and (b) 1 minute and 10 seconds into this video.

CASE LOG NO. 1069721

Officers stated Michael James Cote, 39, was driving erratically through the Wicker Park neighborhood on the night of June 10, 2014. Officers attempted to curb Cote’s vehicle, at which point he drove at five uniformed officers, causing them to fear battery and open fire. Cote was transported to the hospital for treatment. Though the five officers filed battery reports, none experienced apparent injuries. Incident begins at the start of this video.

CASE LOG NO. 1075692

Terrence G. Clarke, 59, was arrested on June 16, 2015, for aggressive battery of an off-duty police officer working security at a restaurant in the Near North neighborhood of Chicago, according to police reports. When the officer informed customers of the restaurant’s pending closure, Clarke became belligerent, yelled obscenities and threw a cup of cheese at the officer. The officer declared his position and again requested for Clarke to exit or to face arrest. Upon refusal to leave, Clarke resisted arrest and swung a chair at the officer, according to police reports. Officer struck Clarke in the face and head with his right, which contained handcuffs. Clarke was transported to the hospital where he was treated for head, face and eye injuries. The officer experienced minor injuries. Incident begins at the start of this video.

CASE LOG NO. 1076216

Zainul Hussain, 25, was placed into custody after striking two adults with a baseball bat near the North/Cybourn L station on July 20, 2015. After refusing to drop the weapon, officers shot Hussain fearing that he might cause further injury to one of the victims. In the video, Hussain kneels on the pavement before eventually lying down. Hussain was read his rights and transported to a hospital for treatment. His gunshot wound was listed as minor. Incident begins approximately 7 minutes and 40 seconds; detainee at 9:02.

CASE LOG NO. 1071970

Ronald Johnson, 25, was fatally shot outside Washington Park on Oct. 12, 2014, after being detained for carrying a firearm, according to police reports. Officers had partially restrained Johnson on a sidewalk, when he broke free and fled. Officers ordered Johnson to drop his weapon and opened fire. The report stated 3 to 4 shots were fired. Incident begins at approximately 9 minutes and 52 seconds into this video.

CASE LOG NO. 1077477

Caption Officer restrains detainee, Albert Payne on Oct. 7, 2015. No case report. Incident begins at approximately 42 minutes and 33 seconds into this video.

CASE LOG NO. 1078952

On Dec. 29, 2015, a police officer opened fire on a vehicle driven by Giovanni Valle, 20. Following a dispatch citing a person with a gun, officers tried to detain Valle’s vehicle. One officer alleged Valle tried to strike her partner while fleeing. Valle crashed into a fence and was arrested after a brief foot pursuit. Valle was charged with aggravated assault and cannabis possession. A firearm was found on the floor below the passenger side seat. Incident begins at approximately 8 minutes and 19 seconds into this video.